What To Look For In A Ruby Engagement Ring

A Ruby Engagement RingPurchasing an engagement ring your partner will like is not an easy task. You want something beautiful and timeless that will represent your love for one another. Ruby engagement rings are one of the most popular choices simply because red is the color of love. If you’re not used to shopping for gemstone rings, you may find this task a bit daunting at times. To help you make the right decisions regarding your ruby engagement ring, here are a few shopping tips to consider:

Size Of The Ruby

Are you looking for a statement ruby ring or something a bit more subtle? The larger the ruby, the higher the cost of the ring in general. Of course, apart from the size, jewelers do pay attention to the carat, cut, and clarity. So perhaps it can be said that the size of the gemstone is only a part of the picture as you can get a top notch small ruby or something of lesser quality that happens to be larger in size.

Ruby Cut

Rubies are similar to diamonds in that they need to be cut with precise symmetry in order to disperse light to all of the facets. You may not know much about cut, but it can be painfully obvious if the ruby is cut poorly when very little light or color is reflected on the surface.

Ruby Transparency

Rubies are graded based on how transparent they are as in how much light can actually pass through the gemstone. The most sought after rubies are the ones graded transparent as light can easily pass through them regardless of any inclusions they may have. On the other hand, the lowest rating a ruby can receive is opaque as virtually no light passes through it, offering very little in the way of brilliance.

Ruby Clarity

Just like diamonds, rubies are graded based on clarity. Inclusions, cracks, and other blemishes are seen as flaws and will affect the ruby clarity rating. The highest rated ruby is a VVS meaning it is very, very slightly included containing inclusions not visible to the naked eye and can only be glimpsed under 10x magnification. Ratings of I1-I3 are reserved for the lowest quality rubies as they contain numerous inclusions that are easily glimpsed by anyone with a great eye.

Ring Band

The last step to choosing a ruby engagement ring is to find a ring band that works for you. Rubies can be found in numerous settings, but most commonly are placed in sterling silver or gold. Gold also comes in three different colors of yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. Of the three, usually rubies look best set in yellow gold as they complement each other.

Choosing an engagement ring is never easy. You will want something that looks feminine and unique, but also has quality craftsmanship. Hopefully, this article has allowed you to understand a bit more about rubies and will prevent you from purchasing something of inferior quality.

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