Why You Should Propose With A Sapphire Diamond Ring

Propose With A Sapphire Diamond RingIn the past, many women wanted nothing more than to be proposed to with a classic diamond ring. However, the women of today often have different tastes. Many brides are opting for a ring that’s a little unconventional.

Sapphires Are A Durable Stone

Many people are drawn to diamonds because of their high level of durability. When people decide to get married, they want that marriage to last forever. A durable ring is a symbol of their commitment.

While sapphires aren’t as hard as diamonds, they are a very durable gemstone. As a matter of fact, there are beautiful sapphire rings that have lasted for centuries. A sapphire diamond ring will be able to stand the test of time.

Sapphire Offers Plenty Of Options

When most people think of sapphires, they think of the color blue. However, sapphire actually comes in a number of different colors. In addition to the traditional blue, there are pink sapphire rings, yellow sapphire rings, and even sapphire that resembles diamonds.

Scientists know how to create sapphire in a lab. Because of this, all kinds of sapphire rings can be made. Sapphire offers every option imaginable. No matter what your tastes are like, you should be able to find a sapphire ring that appeals to you.

Sapphire Is AffordablePropose With A Sapphire Diamond Ring

Diamond rings are lovely, but they are also very expensive. In contrast, sapphire rings are extremely affordable. In fact, they offer an incredible amount of value, especially when they are compared to other types of gemstones.

Even if your ring includes real diamonds, purchasing a ring that features sapphire can save you a lot of cash. If the largest stone is a sapphire, then the thing will be much cheaper than a ring that has a large diamond. Wedding rings are expensive, and you should try to save money wherever you can.

Sapphire Rings Are Extremely Popular

When you give someone a sapphire ring, they are sure to be impressed. These rings are extremely popular, and they have been for a very long time.

Sapphire diamond rings have appeared regularly in popular movies and TV shows. For example, in the beloved sitcom Friends, Chandler proposed to Monica with a sapphire and diamond ring.

These rings have only increased in popularity in recent years. Many women love the look of sapphire, and many more women love to flexibility that sapphire rings offer.

If you are planning on proposing in the future, then you shouldn’t limit yourself to diamond rings. Instead, you should try to look at many different types of rings. Once you see what diamond and sapphire rings offer, you will want to propose with sapphire. It is a beautiful stone that has a lot to offer.

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What To Look For In A Ruby Engagement Ring

A Ruby Engagement RingPurchasing an engagement ring your partner will like is not an easy task. You want something beautiful and timeless that will represent your love for one another. Ruby engagement rings are one of the most popular choices simply because red is the color of love. If you’re not used to shopping for gemstone rings, you may find this task a bit daunting at times. To help you make the right decisions regarding your ruby engagement ring, here are a few shopping tips to consider:

Size Of The Ruby

Are you looking for a statement ruby ring or something a bit more subtle? The larger the ruby, the higher the cost of the ring in general. Of course, apart from the size, jewelers do pay attention to the carat, cut, and clarity. So perhaps it can be said that the size of the gemstone is only a part of the picture as you can get a top notch small ruby or something of lesser quality that happens to be larger in size.

Ruby Cut

Rubies are similar to diamonds in that they need to be cut with precise symmetry in order to disperse light to all of the facets. You may not know much about cut, but it can be painfully obvious if the ruby is cut poorly when very little light or color is reflected on the surface.

Ruby Transparency

Rubies are graded based on how transparent they are as in how much light can actually pass through the gemstone. The most sought after rubies are the ones graded transparent as light can easily pass through them regardless of any inclusions they may have. On the other hand, the lowest rating a ruby can receive is opaque as virtually no light passes through it, offering very little in the way of brilliance.

Ruby Clarity

Just like diamonds, rubies are graded based on clarity. Inclusions, cracks, and other blemishes are seen as flaws and will affect the ruby clarity rating. The highest rated ruby is a VVS meaning it is very, very slightly included containing inclusions not visible to the naked eye and can only be glimpsed under 10x magnification. Ratings of I1-I3 are reserved for the lowest quality rubies as they contain numerous inclusions that are easily glimpsed by anyone with a great eye.

Ring Band

The last step to choosing a ruby engagement ring is to find a ring band that works for you. Rubies can be found in numerous settings, but most commonly are placed in sterling silver or gold. Gold also comes in three different colors of yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. Of the three, usually rubies look best set in yellow gold as they complement each other.

Choosing an engagement ring is never easy. You will want something that looks feminine and unique, but also has quality craftsmanship. Hopefully, this article has allowed you to understand a bit more about rubies and will prevent you from purchasing something of inferior quality.

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Why Ruby Diamond Jewelry Is So Popular

If you’ve been paying attention to jewelry trends, then you have probably seen a lot of women wearing ruby diamond jewelry. As a matter of fact, these kinds of pieces have been worn on the red carpet. A lot of stars love the look of rubies.Ruby Diamond Jewelry Is So Popular

Why have rubies suddenly seen a surge in popularity? Why are people pairing their diamonds with other gemstones? Read on to learn more about the ruby diamond explosion.

Rubies Have Mass Appeal

Red has always been one of the most popular colors. Nearly every woman looks amazing in the right red lipstick. A bold red dress can make a big impressions.

Rubies are known for their radiant red color. As a matter of fact, the deepest and most appealing shades of red are often described as “ruby red.” If a woman loves wearing red, it is only natural that she would love wearing rubies.

Ruby Diamond Jewelry Is So PopularDiamonds Aren’t As Popular As They Used To Be

Diamonds are still an extremely popular stone, but they aren’t as beloved as they used to be. Diamonds have gotten a lot of bad press in recent years; some people have a negative impression of diamonds. Other people simply prefer the look of colored gemstones.

Because of this, a lot of jewelers are creating pieces that don’t consist of diamonds alone. They are mixing gemstones are creating jewelry with a broader appeal. Even people that don’t love diamonds will love the sparkle and style of ruby diamond jewelry.

It’s Very Striking

In the past, a lot of people wanted their jewelry to blend in with the rest of their outfit. In this day and age, many people are trying to make some kind of statement. The combination of diamonds and rubies is extremely striking, which means that a lot of people are pairing the two together in some way.

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If you want to pick up a piece that will make a big impression, then ruby diamond jewelry is the right way to go. These two stones look stunning together. No one will be able to take their eyes off of your jewelry.

It’s Affordable

While diamond jewelry can be very expensive, rubies are a lot more affordable. Because rubies are cheaper than diamonds, you can purchase beautiful ruby and diamond pieces without having to spend an arm and a leg.

People want to own beautiful and versatile jewelry, even if they are on a fairly tight budget. Ruby diamond jewelry fits the bill nicely. If you aren’t happy with the current state of your jewelry box, and want to add a few pieces to it, then beautiful gemstone jewelry is something that you should consider.

Radiant red rubies and pure, sparkling diamonds looking breathtaking when they are together. It is easy to see why so many people love ruby diamond jewelry. Pieces that are made with these two stones are stunning. In addition, they work with a lot of styles. Anyone can find a piece of jewelry that works for them.